Turn(s) of the Screw


Perhaps precisely because of its interpretative ambiguity, James’s spookiest “tale” has been adapted for stage, screen, ballet, and opera many many times. There’s a new page under the “Videothek” that has a smattering of some of these, to give you a partial sense of this scope — by Wikipedia’s count, there have been some 17 distinctly different adaptations over the last fifty years.

William James in the Seance Room

William James in the Seance Room

All readings up and posted (apologies for delay). The most important one to focus on is the Intro to The Literary Remains of the Late Henry James, which became William James de facto debut as a thinker and writer.

In the meantime, apropos to our conversation last week, here is a podcast of the NPR segment that I had mentioned which features an interview with Deborah Blum and her work on William James and “ghost-hunting”  — the William James segment starts at 17:30 minutes

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Hi everyone — in addition to getting up next week’s readings, I’ve also posted under “Videotheque” the short documentary “Heaven, Hell, and Other Places” about Emanuel Swedenborg, the 18th century scientist-turned-mystic who was so central and grounding for Henry James Sr.